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  • Testimonials

    Please read though some of the letters Thornberry Custom Builders, Inc. has received from our satisfied customers and community leaders in the Punta Gorda, FL area. We believe it’s important to hear what our past customers have said about our new construction, remodeling and home renovations before you choose us. If you require more information, please contact us and we’d be happy to provide additional references of our work.

    When we decided to build our home we knew we would need a builder that would truly listen to our desires as well as the vision we had. No doubt we made the right decision to go with TJ.

    Our building process began in June 2012. During the construction of our home TJ was providing us with the best tradesmen available. This made problems minimal. TJ was on top of finding a solution to anything that did come up with a calm and assertive manner. TJ has strong organizing and communication skills which kept everything on schedule, and he always informed us on what was going on and when.

    We highly recommend Thornberry construction for any needs you have, whether it be a remodel or designing and building a new home. You can have complete confidence that you have chosen an honest, capable and educated builder.


    Dave and Ruth Perisho

    (excerpt from letter to an associate)

    …Attached is the information on the contractors that built out my restaurant. Both of the contractors were 15-20%l below the bids from other contractors bidding on my restaurant and I had five bidding on it. The work they provided was top quality with no cost over runs and they completed the project on time.

    TJ Thornberry was the General contractor and is the President of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerces. Mark the Cabinet contractor was perfect on all the mill work, counter tops, drink station, arch door etc and he came in on budget and on schedule.

    I would include them in my bid package. Richard Taylor, David Berlin  and all the personal from Firehouse, that inspected my store, before it opened were really impressed with the quality of the work and that they were able to complete the project for the amount quoted.

    I will also provide you with the signs and other materials I had made if you need them. Please let me know if you have any questions concerning the contractors, they both have web sites and were really easy to work with.

    I was a project manager for 20 years so I know the business and good contractors verse bad ones, these guys are really good both in work quality and more importantly with communication with the customer. They are local and  have been in business in Charlotte County for over 20 years,

    Russell Clouden

    Franchise Owner, FireHouse Subs, Port Charlotte

    Dear Mr. Thornberry,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing your expertise to the Board of County Commissioners and the citizens of Charlotte County at the East-West Spring Lake Special Meeting on July 1st. This is a very important project that impacts many residents of Charlotte County. Your participation throughout the Special Meeting was greatly appreciated by all. The Board has very important decisions to make regarding the future of this project and your presentation provided many facts that will help in the decision making process.

    Thank you again for your time and presentation.


    Ray Sandrock, Charlotte County Administrator


    Thank you very much for handling the greenhouse. You don’t need to worry about sending me pictures, I know you will do a great job.

    I hope to have the exterior of the house completely done with vinyl siding within the next 2 years and I hope your company does this kind of work. If you don’t, then I want to hire you to run the job for me. I am very fond of you not only as a businessman but I also think of you as a wonderful person – honest and fair.

    I intend to use you for all of my projects for the house.

    I really enjoy knowing you.

    Thanks for everything,

    Ken Jones

    To those contemplating using Thornberry Custom Builders, Inc.:

    My recommendation would be: “Do not hesitate”!!  TJ Thornberry helped me out immensely during an extremely stressful time. Read how TJ helped me below…

    I came to live in FL while taking care of my dear brother who died of cancer. Less than a year later, termites were discovered which led to major remodeling including new windows and doors to upgrade this older home to current hurricane standards. I trusted the contractor I had hired because he was my neighbor and friend. The termite tenting/fumigating and a lot of the remodeling was done when I was back in MN going through my storage shed deciding what to bring to FL and what to get rid of because it was such an sudden move. This contractor and I talked several different times about him pulling all the needed permits and he agreed but this was not put in writing in the contract I signed with him. I found out after I returned after the work was done that he had NOT pulled any permits for the remodeling. And he made it clear to me that he was not interested in pulling the permits after the fact, because he was worried about getting fined and penalized for not pulling them as he is required to do as a contractor. He “didn’t remember” our  two or more conversations regarding pulling all permits and also told me “he didn’t pull the permits to save me some money”.

    This upset me greatly as I learned even more of the ramifications of not pulling permits which are: If my windows/doors would be damaged in any kind of disaster, if the insurance company found out they were installed without a permit and inspection via the county, they could refuse the claim. I was a single female in a new state and had heard from that contractor and other neighbors I talked with that the county was not easy to work with and they would probably fine me heavily to remedy this if I went to them regarding this.  I was very scared, highly disappointed,  and didn’t know what to do.

    My pest control gal, who had discovered the termites, was over doing her job one day and she noticed I was upset about something and I told her about the above and she highly recommended I call TJ Thornberry on how to handle this. That was a Godsend. I called him and he was very professional, kind, and very thorough. He walked me through all that needed to be done, which was a lot doing it after the fact and especially since he wasn’t the one who installed them. After we talked, he put together a very fair, clear contract that explained all he would need to do to submit the permits, would go with me to explain the situation and sign the paperwork with the county, be here when the county inspector came, and would open up any of the already installed windows if the inspectors requested that and would fix any if that needed to be done. I signed it and everything worked out just fine. The windows were installed correctly so we thankfully did not have to open any up for the inspector. And everyone at the county was very kind and willing to work with me as the homeowner. The county is a homeowners friend, looking out for homeowners, not the enemy as I had been told.

    If I ever do anything else on my home,  I will not hesitate to hire T.J. Thornberry and his company again. He is a true expert in his profession,  cares about doing his best for the homeowner, follows all protocol to the letter, has a good rapport with the county,  is highly ethical, and a very kind person who truly cares about others.   

    Thankfully and Sincerely,


    Dear T.J.

    I am so pleased that I selected you to build my dream home. After interviewing a number of other builders I chose you because I felt that you would give me the personal attention, guidance, and had the knowledge to make my dream home a reality. You really helped me through the design process and then continued throughout the entire project making it a very enjoyable experience. Picking you was a great decision. You listened with patience and helped me achieve the look and artistic highlights that were important to me. Yes, you did it! I am more than very proud to show off my new home as it is exactly what I hoped for and expected. None of the other builders would have given me that personalized attention nor shown concern for detail with such sincere interest as you. Thank you.

    I am happy to recommend you to my friends and family and consider you not only as my contractor or the first person I would call for any construction related projects, but also a friend. Thank you again for all you did and I wish the best for you and your company.


    Suzan Schwartz Ed.D.

    I met TJ Thornberry during Leadership Charlotte, class of 2010. He immediately struck me as an intelligent, driven professional. In the summer of 2010, we found out we were expecting and wanted to restore and add on to our historic, downtown Punta Gorda home. I spoke to several contractors that live in my neighborhood, as well as TJ.  It was important to me that I work with a contractor that I trusted 100%.  I have a busy career and was planning for a baby. I needed someone that could take on this project and run with it.  I knew TJ was the man for the job.

    TJ met all expectations. He handled everything with an exceptional level of professionalism and care. He was on top of every task from initial permitting and planning, until final inspection. TJ remained cool, calm, and collected throughout the project. Let’s remember that he was dealing with a very pregnant client that was not so cool, calm, and collected!  TJ was easy to work with and communicated with me about every detail on a daily basis. Knowing that even the smallest detail was being taken care of by TJ definitely lowered my stress level!

    The project itself met our expectations and more. The house and attached garage look amazing. I am still receiving complements from neighbors, friends, and people passing by.  TJ and his staff kept the historic 1920’s feel of the home, while updated it with a contemporary flair. I strongly recommend TJ Thornberry for your renovation or new construction home/business.


    Julie Price, DPT

    It gives me great pleasure to write on behalf of Tom “TJ” Thornberry. He and I have worked along side on many boards including long and hard at the Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association and Enterprise Charlotte Economic Council. I have had the pleasure of interacting with him on infinite number of occasions and can provide a cast iron guarantee for his noble behavior in all circumstances. TJ is a cheerful, well respected member of the community and takes everything in stride and continues to move ahead. He has been an inspiration to all that know him. I recommend TJ for any task that demands precision and empathy along with a firm and just hand.


    Franklin J. Bell

    Jenny and I celebrated yet another wonderful holiday with our family in the addition you built. It is so nice to be in that space! We get many compliments from visiting guests, friends and family when they see the craftsmanship and unique features you built for us. We both feel we should sincerely thank you for the work, quality, and service you provided for our new addition.

    T.J., we have had experience with three different contractors on our home. The first was the original builder. A few years later we had experience with another for the repair to our home after hurricane Charley. When we decided to build the two thousand foot addition to our home you became the third contractor we had experience with.

    Hands down your professionalism, communication and attention to detail far out performed the other contractors and our past experiences. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and the many skilled subcontractors you introduced us to. You could have saved us a lot of trouble had you been who we worked with the first time!

    We highly recommend you and your company to our friends, family and anyone who is looking for a builder. Thank you , T.J., for a job well done.


    Eric Loche

    My husband and I had a dream. Our dream was to retire and build a home in southwest Florida, far, far away from the Buffalo New York area where we had lived all of our lives.

    We were so very lucky (or I would say blessed) to find TJ. He was referred to us by a friend of a friend who is in the construction business and his statement was to the effect that if he were to build a house, TJ Thornberry was one of two people he would choose; that statement spoke volumes to us.

    Friends, co-workers, and family had questioned our choice of building a home “long distance”. We could not have done this without TJ’s integrity and honesty. We even had competing suppliers tell us that we had chosen a very honest and hard working builder.

    From the very first interview until completion, TJ showed us great patience in answering our thousands of questions (he didn’t even laugh when I referred to the air conditioning unit as the furnace) and his vast knowledge and competence by helping us with good choices for our new location.

    Our dream has come true, and we live in a beautiful home that is perfect for us, thanks in a large part to TJ Thornberry.

    The strongest endorsement is that if we were ever to build another house, we would have TJ Thornberry as our builder.

    Beth & David Laubisch

    It has been my pleasure to work with TJ Thornberry. He is both dedicated and professional. He has an amazing work ethic and he will go out of his way when help is needed. He cares not only for his customer but the building industry as a whole. As a Past President of the Charlotte-DeSoto Building Industry Association, he surrounds himself with the reputable subcontractors and other honorable business professionals throughout Charlotte County. TJ is respected not only for his work in the building industry but for his community support. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club as well as the Big Brothers and Big Sisters. What makes TJ special is that he truly cares about the future of his home … Charlotte County.

    Best Wishes,

    Leslie Weed, Executive Officer
    Charlotte Desoto Building Association

    Dear T.J.

    This letter is to let you know how much we are enjoying the beautiful home you built for us in Port Charlotte. When we moved here from Naples we were concerned that we would not find the same quality of construction. Your attention to detail, patience working with us, and knowledge of products and craftsmen all came together to create our beautiful waterfront home that provides us comfort and pleasure everyday.

    We have visited other homes in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda and have yet to see one that compares to the quality, livability, and attention to every detail as ours. Your experience in quality home construction and standing in the industry and community are evident in the way you were able to navigate and work with regulators and everyone else who played a part in the construction of our home.

    We want to say again what a pleasure it was to work with you. You always showed up with a great attitude and smile on your face, even when we were nervous about something.


    Mary and Whit Ward

    As President of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank you for your service to the Board over the past year and your continued commitment to serve on the Executive Committee of the Chamber as Vice-President of Membership for the upcoming year. It was only as a result of your commitment to the Chamber and your leadership skills that we were able to have our two most successful membership drives in the 86 year history of the Chamber, bringing in over 300 new members in just two years. Your legacy will live on in the Chamber for many, many years to come and the Chamber would be quite fortunate if you would consider taking over my position as President in the near future.

    Based upon your performance on the Board, it is clear why your company is an award winning builder as recognized by your peers. Your willingness to share your management ideas and commitment to expecting nothing but the best in all your endeavors shines through on the Board. Your leadership, and commitment to excellence, has made the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce a better organization for all of its members.

    Again, on behalf of the entire Board, thank you for your continued service and I look forward to working with you during the next Chamber year.

    Very truly yours,

    Mark Martella,
    Martella Law Firm, P.L.

    Dear TJ:

    It’s been a week since the completion of the remodeling of our master bathroom and time to thank you again for a job well done. We were especially pleased to have the work completed well in advance of the estimated time.

    From start to finish, everything was handled courteously and professionally. In particular, we appreciated your personal attention each and every day that the remodeling was going on to make sure the work was progressing as planned and that our home was left clean and orderly each evening. All of the subcontractors involved in the project treated us and our home with the utmost courtesy and respect. Their workmanship was both neat and professional.

    Our friends and neighbors were equally impressed with the remodeling of our bathroom. Needless to say we would highly recommend you and your company without hesitation to anyone who asks.

    Robert & Paula Pender

    I am pleased to recommend T.J. Thornberry, owner of Thornberry Custom Builders.

    T.J. has been a member of the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce since 2009. he became actively involved in our organization when he applied for and was accepted into our Leadership Charlotte Class of 2009. T.J. was recognized as a leader in a class of leaders and was asked to join our Board of Directors in 2010. For the past two years, T.J. has served on our Executive Committee as Vice President of Membership Development. Thanks to his leadership, we have had our two most successful membership campaigns in the history of the Chamber.

    If you’re looking for a builder who will do what he says he will do, when he says he’ll do it, T.J. is that builder. he is committed to his work and to the organizations in which he serves.

    I’m confident he’ll do a great job for you.


    Julie Mathis
    Executive Director
    Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce